An Established Olive Grove

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, as these photos reveal, this was a relatively stark landscape. Now all the hard work has been done and the grove is a serene and beautiful place with abundant bird life.

An attractive sealed road winds into the property from Stump Road, up a rise towards the sites where homes can be built, with windows maximising the staggering views of this very special region.

Each site has town water and electricity. Lot 1 includes a large dam which has provided recreational pleasure for the family who worked and established all of this. On Lot 2 a feature is the rammed earth ruin of an original home.

This is a opportunity to enjoy green acres on the edge of Maldon, a thriving historic town with a vibrant community.

6 comments on “An Established Olive Grove

  1. are you able to sell each block seperately? thanks Lesley

  2. Hello, what is the current zoning of these lots, and what are the addresses for the purpose of getting an online planning property report. The addresses given (1/126 and 2/126 Allans St, Maldon) are not recognised by Land Victoria. Thanks, Michael

  3. Hi There – hope you are well. When you say “Each site has town water and electricity” – do you mean to the actual house site? or to the boundary? THANK YOU 🙂

  4. Hi Matthew, the land has water to the boundary and the power is near the middle of the lot which is where the building area is, regards Rob Waller

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